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A Greeting from Team Owner Thom Brigl

Dear Alumni,

Bobcat Hockey is hoping that this letter finds you well andwe hope that you are continuing to chase your dreams whether on and or off the ice. Some of you may even be reliving your dreams through your children by now! We hope to be waiting with a Bobcat Jersey for them! My name is Thom Brigl and I am proud to have owned the Bobcats since the 2001-2002 season. I know many of you and have followed your careers over time.

My greatest reward in this endeavor is having the chance to get to know the boys and hopefully helping them create an opportunity for furthering their hockey. But perhaps more importantly to me is creating a foundation for young men to be successful in their professional and family endeavors.

Most recently we created a Bobcat Hockey Alumni Facebook page. In a period of 48 hours we were able to find 120 Alumni and now are we are friends with over 230 of our former players. Our thought in doing so was to create a page where you could hook up with your former teammates and stay in touch to some degree with the current version of your former team. For example we did win the National Championship last year and place eleven players in Division I college programs. Facebook can be a way to have some fun staying in touch, but also can be used as a network for conducting business if you so choose. There has already been a bunch of rekindled relationships and bullshitting back and forth on the message boards. We hope you enjoy it.

As mentioned we now have over 230 former players on our Facebook page. Bobcat Hockey – Alumni is our facebook page name and it is exclusive to you as players. The only persons on the page aside from players and coaches will be Bunny Greig, whom nearly all of you know and who is our housing coordinator. Bunny is taking over the roll of organizing our Alumni Club as well.

Our plan with the Alumni Club is really two fold. First, we want to further your ability to stay in touch with your former teammates and to have some fun. This will be done in a variety of ways such as profiling your personal and professional stories periodically on our Facebook page, an electronic newsletter so to speak. We will also be hosting an annual golf/hockey or other outing either in Bismarck for the home opener or perhaps other locations from time to time, our Blaine Showcase for example, or even Las Vegas if you are interested.

The second reason for starting an Alumni Association is that I need to reach out to you to help us continue creating hockey and real life opportunities for the next generation of young men. Bobcat Hockey has come a long way over the years. We have five championships under our belt including two Borne Cup Championships, two Central Division Championships and the coveted NAHL Robertson Cup Championship last season. In the last two years we have placed 18 young men in Division I hockey programs and have place over 200 in NCAA programs over the years.

Bobcat Hockey has become part of the very fabric in the community and over the last ten years you have been involved in the community teaching Bobcat Healthy Habits and a myriad of other community events. The thought in doing so was to create a sense of the importance in life in giving back. Over the last ten years we have helped charity and other organizations raise over $ 300,000. You have been a part of that.

I am now turning to you directly. I need your help. Over the years I have invested over $500,000 personally in the Bobcats’ futures and I need to be creative in order to continue your tradition. I want to do so in a way that will allow you to give back but also to have some fun and reap personal reward in helping out. Joining our Alumni Club which will create an opportunity for some good times while also give you the opportunity to “sponsor” our organization as we hope to continue our Bobcat tradition in order to give what we hope was a valuable opportunity for you to your successor players.

Your Alumni Sponsorship will also be used to provide opportunities for less fortunate kids in the area to come to some games as well as for equipment and technology for the team for example, and uh, the bus known affectionately as the “Green Machine” died last year – rest his tranny! I have attached an outline of the details for the Bobcat Hockey Alumni Club for you. Bunny and I have worked up these thoughts and we are open to ideas for sure.

You will notice that there are various levels of sponsorship. We invite you to do what you can and are compelled to do no matter how small or how large. As we become adults of course we realize that some are more financially blessed than others … and some of you are just starting out or will need to go to your parents perhaps for help, but money is still just money and we will no matter our financial means still always be bonded by one thing – we are …….. Bobcats. So, please consider what level you are able to sponsor at this stage and your life and … join the club!

You can sign up very simply by going to our Webpage – Alumni Tab. It will help us collect contact information as well as your Post Bobcat Hockey Stories to share with your pals. We also use a paypal account that you can use to make your sponsorship contributions. It is very simple. Bunny and or some of your former teammates will follow up with you also if you have any questions or you can always email me at or us at to ask any questions or share any ideas you may have about Bobcat Hockey or the Bobcat Hockey Alumni Club.

I am looking forward to having you as part of our Alumni Club and appreciate you giving back to help the next bro pursue his dreams by keeping Bobcat Hockey alive.

For the Love of the Game &

Out of Love for our Bobcats.

Thom Brigl

Bunny Greig