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Bobcats Dive into Divisional Play

BISMARCK, N.D. -- The Bismarck Bobcats will play two critical inter-division opponents starting with round one of the Titan Machinery Dakota Cup when they face the Aberdeen Wings, followed by opening night at the Den against the Austin Bruins. This weekend's opponents could set the tone for how the Cats are going to look this season because they are the top two teams in the Central Division. 

"I think Austin and Aberdeen are going to be good," Bobcats head coach and general manager Layne Sedevie said. "I think our division is going to be pretty solid from top to bottom."

The home opener against the Bruins is scheduled for 7:15 puck drop on Saturday night. The Bruins went 4-0 at the NAHL Showcase and are expected to be really good again this year.

"The division is wide open right now, but Austin came through and pretty much steam rolled everybody, so they're going to be tough. The way that Chris Tok recruits, they're a contender every year," Bobcats radio voice Paul Teeple said. "As long as Coach Tok is in Austin, they're going to be in the mix right at the top of the division. They have been basically since his second year as a coach and they certainly haven't looked back."

The Bruins are the second-ranked team in the country and will be a tough test for the Bobcats on Saturday.

"I think it's going to be a fun night," Sedevie said of Saturday's home opener. "On top of that, we go down for Aberdeen's opener so we're going to have a tough weekend and it's going to be a battle, but I expect our barn to be pretty packed. We have to have patience, but we want to have urgency too so we can see where we're at against teams in our division this weekend."

Patience is important for Sedevie because he doesn't have many veterans this season.

"This year we have six, seven, eight vets, but last year we had 14, so we have a lot of new faces," Sedevie said. "The big thing for us is being patient and making sure we do a good job of teaching these guys."

Sedevie explained to the Sheriff's Patrol the reason why it will be important for the coaching to be patient.

"You expect a lot every day, but sometimes you have to take a step back and make sure we're doing the right things and teaching," Sedevie said. "With a veteran group, guys should understand the system, but with a lot of young guys it's a slower pace so we slow it down to make sure they understand what we're doing."

Sedevie is used to winning, but that's not always possible in juniors.

"I think the best thing for me to remember this year is to be patient," Sedevie said. "That's the challenge of junior hockey because we don't have classes like colleges do when they can recruit to what they're going to be losing because we don't know what we're going to lose and what we're going to get, so that's a challenge we have every year."

This season will be interesting to watch and see how the young Bobcats grow as a team.

The Beginning of the Road to Frisco

Over the last five years under Coach Layne’s leadership, the Central Division Cup has had only one home.  It has resided at 1200 North Washington Street for five straight years.  In today’s Sheriff's Patrol, you will hear from Coach Roth and Filip Starzynski on how this year's edition of the Bobcats plan to defend and make sure the Central Cup doesn’t leave where it currently resides.  
Garrett and I had a chance to sit down at the VFW SportsCenter on Wednesday morning before he and the Bobcats battle the Wings, two days before Game 1 in Aberdeen which starts the defense of their Central Division title.  Garrett told the Patrol that it’s going to take a total team effort when it comes down to putting the clamps on TJ Roo of the Aberdeen Wings.  He also stated that Nate Repensky, the native of Duluth, MN, was out for the year after suffering a broken ankle against the Bruins during last weekend's finale. "We have eleven guys that were with us last year from the team that was shut out of the championship game," Roth said.  “We have a veteran group that knows what it takes to get to the Cup.”  Garrett said that the team is focused on this weekend and that they will look at film for the rest of the week.
This marks the end of a great junior hockey career with the Bobcats for the native of Warsaw, Poland.  Filip Starzynski will be aging out of Junior Hockey after this season.   We really enjoyed having you as a Bobcat. Thanks for the memories Filip, but there is one more memory to be made on the road to Frisco.  Good luck against the Wings.  Let’s go Filip! Let’s make sure the Central Cup stays at home where it belongs.  We believe in our Bobcats!  If anyone can do anything, it’s Coach Sedevie and Coach Roth.  They are two of the best coaches in the league.

Meet Bobcat Goalie Scott Albertoni

Introducing a 16 year old from Arvada Colorado, Scott Albertoni, which the Sheriff had a chance to meet today. Scott is Aaron Nelson's backup this year, but he hopes to take over Aaron's role next year when Aaron leaves for college.  I asked Albertoni what he has learned watching Nelson, and he stated he has learned a lot from him. Albertoni then says that he hopes to get better over the summer by working on strengthening his legs. Scott has four more years with the Bobcats. In the NAHL, you are able to play until you are 21. Scott said that he is currently enrolled in high school back in his home town through internet schooling. Scott said he likes online schooling because he is able to focus more on being a Bobcat. Scott then went on to tell me how he likes to get himself ready for the games, and he said that he likes to listen to rap music. I asked Scott how he came to the Bobcats, and he said it was through a trade with the Ice Rays out of Corpus Christi, Texas. The Sheriff would like to wish my new friend the best of luck in the Highway 83 battle with the Minot Minotauros. Good luck, Scott Albertoni!
Moving on to the Assistant Coach, Garrett Roth. When I sat down with him he said that the losing streak is over, but he also thinks that it was a test of character in the Bobcats locker room. Garrett went on to say that Aberdeen and Austin have earned their positions in the Central Division. Roth also told me that the title still goes through Bismarck, and at the end of the day, we are the ones who have won five titles in a row! So, Aberdeen, Austin, and Minot know what the Bobcats are capable of bringing to the playoffs.

Bobcats Face Wilderness


On this week's Sheriff's Patrol, you will hear from the best Assistant Coach in the league. You will also hear what he thinks the Bismarck Bobcats need to do to break out of their ugly seven game losing streak. 
According to Garrett Roth, the Bobcats "must get back to their basics." The coach would also like to see more pucks going to the net, and for them to follow up on their rebounds.
As far as Jared Spooner is concerned, he is only an affiliate player for the Bobcats, and once the playoffs start he will not be able to play. 
When I asked Garrett about the Dakota Cup, he said that in his point of view it wasn't really a let down. He also said that when it comes to the NAHL Central Division playoffs, "we will get ready for anyone; we don't care who we play." 
I had asked Coach Roth about the lineups, and he said that there have been a lot of injuries this year leaving them without some key players, so "we have been trying to mix and match, and trying to get chemistry." 
The Bobcats, want their fans to come and show them some love this weekend when they will take down the Minnesota Wilderness two times!  The first game will be this Friday with the puck dropping at 7:15pm, and 7:15pm on Saturday night as well. So, come on fans. Come out and get loud, and let's show the Wilderness how much noise the Bobcat nation can make!

Roth and the Cats Look to Continue Their Hot Streak

Bismarck, North Dakota. This week, I had a chance to interview the Assistant Coach of the Bobcats, Garrett Roth. The first question I asked him was about the Duluth native Nate Repensky. I asked if Nate felt any added pressure since he will be close to home this weekend. Coach Roth stated that he "is not worried about Nate feeling any pressure." Garrett looks at it as a chance for Nate to have friends and family come and watch him play. When it comes to the ice surface, coach Roth said that the Bobcats will use the St. Cloud Husky arena to practice, "so that the boys can get familiar with the Olympic-sized ice arena."
I then went on to ask about Aaron Nelson, because recently he committed to playing for Minnesota State University-Mankato. That leaves the Bobcats with the 6'3' Scott Albertoni in the net. Garrett says that the Bobcats have confidence in Albertoni no matter if he is playing at home or away. When it comes to the Dakota Cup, that doesn't really affect the Bobcats recruiting. The only cup that matters to Roth is the Robertson Cup. Another topic that I covered with Garrett this week was the Bobcats' five game winning streak, and he said consistency and effort will be a key factor in them winning games.
Here is a look at the standings going into your Wilderness weekend.  Your Bobcats currently have 60 points, and only have a one point lead. Following the Bobcats, the Austin Bruins have 59 points, and they are breathing down the Bobcats' neck. After the Bruins are the Wings with 53 points, Minot with 41 points, and Brookings with 33 points.

Nelly and the Cats Still Remain Confident

Bismarck, North Dakota. On this Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to visit with the Captain of the 2013-14 Bobcats. Despite being in a five point hole to the Bruins, there is no panic sitting in with the five time Central Division Champions. The Captain was just like he always is with the Bobcats media, he was cool under the questioning from the Sheriff's Patrol. When it came to why Layne pulled him in last Friday night's game, the Captain was the first to admit "I did not play well." I then went on to talk to Aaron about this weekend's opponent, and he said he "knows what is on the line." That is the reason why Aaron is the Captain. Aaron also stated that "this weekend is a big weekend for us and we must come out with four points!" When it came to the shooters for Austin, Nelson said that "you must be aware of the shooters, because anyone with the puck is dangerous." Aaron also said that "you have to be aware of their power play too."

Moving on to Assistant Coach Garrett Roth. Garrett, and I talked about the injury bug, and the Bobcats' current state of affairs. I also talked about one area that Assistant Coach Roth knows so well, and that is the defensive end of the puck. Garrett began his interview by talking about the team's inconsistency, and said that he "was not trying to make excuses."  Health was the biggest topic on 27's mind when the Sheriff sat down with him. Garrett said that "we have had some of our top guns not able to play, like Filip Starzynski, who is still suffering from a lower body injury."

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a host family?

Today, I got a chance to sit down with host mom Sherry Neas. For those that don't know what a host family is, they take a Bobcat player into their home during the season and house them. They also support them while they are chasing their dream of a Robertson Cup. Sherry Neas is the host mom for number eight Chris Diver, who is from Wilmington, Delaware. The Neas family is an interesting host family, because not only are they the host to Chris Diver, but they also have two children, Alexis and Braxton, who both also play hockey. When it comes to Mrs. Neas's responsibilities, she said that she is responsible for providing a room and "plenty of food." Sherry, and her husband Allen have been a host family for the Bobcats for six years, and "wouldn't change a thing, because all the boys have been nice."

Bobcats Regain their Championship Form

After looking up at the Bruins for most of the season, the Bobcats went to Austin and sent the rest of the Central Division a message. The message clearly stated that the other teams will still have to go through the Bismarck Bobcats to get anywhere in the playoffs. The Bobcats are a team that has been inconsistent in recent weeks. According to Coach Sedevie, he and team captain Aaron Nelson have a mutual relationship, and Layne relies on Aaron to be up front and tell him if he is tired. Aaron has played almost 300 minutes this year. When it comes to the defense, they have to be consistent, no matter if it's Aaron or Scotty in the net. 
The Coach and I went on to talk about Minot and this is what the coach said to me. "Minot has a lot to play for, but so do the Bobcats." If you look at the NAHL Central Division standings and see how tight they are, then you would be able to see why Layne said that "every weekend is a critical weekend." Stay tuned hockey fans! I have a feeling about this team, and I think the ride is just getting started for the better part of the season.

New Guys, Brookings Back, With a Spicy Insight

The following is a special presentation of championship entertainment.

Coming up on today's Sheriff's Patrol, you will hear from the Head Coach and General Manager Layne Sedevie. You will also hear from Assistant Coach Garrett Roth, and the newest Bobcat player who arrived from the Soo Eagles, Jacob McDowell.

First, I will bring you the thoughts from everybody's favorite leader in Bobcat country. He is also has my vote for coach of the year, Layne Sedevie. The first topic I covered with Sedevie was the butt-whooping his team administered to the Brookings Blizzard this past Saturday night, with the final score of Bismarck 7, and Brookings 2. The Sheriff asked Layne if he thought the Blizzard were going to come back this weekend with revenge on their mind? Layne told the Patrol "we don't worry about what the Blizzard are doing. The thing that we need to worry about is our consistency. We have trouble putting a consistent effort together." After this weekend's games with the Blizzard and the Minotauros, the Bobcats will be on the road to Wenatchee where Layne will face his former coach Bliss Littler. Layne said it will be "a nice little road trip."

I then went on to ask about Scott Albertoni, and I also pointed out the fact that when Albertoni is in the net, they lose games. Layne stated that Albertoni "needs to get stronger. Albertoni has three more years in the league, so he needs to work with Mike from Healthways and get stronger."

As far as the Central Division, Coach said he expects it to be "tight right down the stretch, so points are a must-have at the moment, that is if they want to make the playoffs. Every point you don't have is a point that can hurt you in March and April."

Moving on to Assistant Coach Garrett Roth. I asked him his thoughts about the past game on Saturday? He stated that "it was first time we had been able to put up a crooked number, and I'm sure that Brookings will be ready to go. So we hope to be in first place by this Sunday." Roth also went on to say that the team is not thinking about anything else but this weekend, since they will have three very important games.

I then had the chance to sit down with newly-acquired Jacob McDowell. Since Jacob has put on his new uniform, here are some stats that I thought you would be interested in. Jacob has played in 11 games and has scored four goals. He also has two assists and four penalty minutes.  Jacob has one thing in common with last week's guest Tommy Malkmus, and that is they both have yet to win a Robertson Cup, and now they are both with a team that has a legitimate chance to win a Robertson Cup and a sixth Central Division title.

Welcome Back Bobcat Fans

I hope all you fans had a blessed Christmas, and a joyous New Years.
We are getting to my favorite part of the season. That's the part where champions are born, and where legends are made. This week on the Sheriff's Patrol, I will catch up with Assistant Coach Garrett Roth, and Bismarck native Tommy Malkmus.  As always, I will start out with Assistant Coach Garrett Roth.
Garrett seemed to have a little edge to him yesterday when the Sheriff sat down with him. I say that because the NAHL playoffs are in a different format this year. In the past, you would have your division winner from each division go to Frisco, and play a round robin, which is where the teams would play each other in a series of four games to determine your national champion. But this year, the Bobcats are going to have to put in all of their blood, sweat and tears in their game just to get one step closer to the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco Texas. That makes what Roth said even more interesting about his friend Travis Winter. You can hear more on that later.  
When I last left you, the Bobcats were tied with the Austin Bruins for first place. My oh my how the standings are still tight!  This division is not for the weak hearted, because it is going to come right down to the wire, and I think that is what makes my job fun. Who would like to have my job? First of all Bobcat fans, my job is not open!  Coach Roth told the Sheriff's Patrol that he doesn't care who comes to the Bobcats den. He said, "Coach Sedevie, and I worry about the task at hand." He also went on to say that he "doesn't care that Travis is coming to town, it's a game, and we put our friendship aside for the game." Roth also stated that there were still 20 games remaining and "whoever is playing the hardest hockey at the time is going to win the division."  He also said that "we don't worry about a sixth title. Whoever is playing the hottest hockey at the right time is going to be the winner." So we have a lot of hockey to watch, Bobcat fans, before we see the end of the battle. I will be here to cover it all! 
Moving on to my sit down with Tommy Malkmus. Tommy came to the Bobcats from the Texas Tornados. Tommy tried out for the Bobcats a few years back but didn't make it, so he went to Texas to be a funnel cloud. This year Tommy tried out and made the team. The one thing that struck me about Tommy when we were sitting down for the interview was how quiet and unassuming he was. However, he is not that way on the ice. Whatever he is asked to do by head coach Sedevie he does it by giving the fourth line a spark. Malkmus can be found playing with a variety of Bobcats, and he is not limited to a certain group of players. We went to talk about the championship, and Tommy said it would mean everything to him, because it is his last year, and he is also a Bismarck native.

Crucial Weekend for First-Place Bobcats

Bismarck, North Dakota--It seems like the Bismarck Bobcats have been playing catch up all season long to Chris Tok and the Bruins.
The good news for the Cats, according to Garrett Roth, is that the Bobcats have traditionally been a second half team.
Roth went on to say that he was gone two weeks on scouting trips, and appearing at elementary schools. Roth said when it comes to the scouting aspect he has nothing new to report to the Sheriff's Patrol, but when the Patrol asked if there was any future Cullen Willox out there, Roth said he hopes so!
"You never know until they get here." Hopefully, the new players can contribute to what the Bobcats have been able to do over the last five years," said Roth
When I met with the Head Coach and General Manager on Wednesday, Coach said "this upcoming weekend is critical for the Bobcats, given the standings and where the Bobcats are." Coach also said that, "Every weekend is critical in the Central Division, because you can fall from first place to third place very quickly."
Coach Sedevie said he told the team that they needed to go to Aberdeen and get two points on Friday, and follow that up with two points on Saturday.
After the Aberdeen games this weekend, they will have three days off to enjoy the holidays with their families before the battle with Fairbanks. I asked Coach what he expects from coach Stewart with Fairbanks, and Layne said that he expects two physical games from the Ice Dogs.
Right after the Ice Dogs, the Bobcats return to Central Division games with the Aberdeen Wings.

Sedevie Forecast: Mostly Happy with a Chance of Points

Bismarck, ND - Layne Sedevie seemed like a pretty happy coach today, all things considered.  He did say that he thought that the team did give away three points, but they did find a way to get 4 big points from Austin.  Coach Sedevie continued by saying, "We got five out of six points." About the bus trip to Brookings, he was very happy with the way the team performed overall.  When it came to "Nelly" getting involved in the recent penalty bugaboo that has bitten the Bobcats, Coach Sedevie stated that Nelly was just defending his goal crease.  Sedevie was joking with the Sheriff when he said "Maybe you should tell them," in regards to telling the players to quit taking stupid penalties.  He did say in all seriousness that it was all part of the game.  "I think the players have emotions and get caught up in the game," the coach stated

Sedevie Confident Going into Battle with Brookings

The Bobcats Head Coach and General Manager was nice to do an interview with me through email, and give us his thoughts going into the first round of the 2013 NAHL Central Division semi-finals.

About the Brookings Blizzard, he said that if Bryan Nies was called upon, he has plenty of confidence in him. Coach Sedevie stated that the team has worked extremely hard to get their home ice during the first round, and that the home ice could be used to their advantage, if they can take care of business.  He also said number 29 Aaron Nelson has improved a lot in all areas, including physically, mentally, and technically since the beginning of the season. When asked about the Healthways training program, the head coach said "they are a big reason for our success since they have been part of our program."  Layne also said that "Mike is the best hockey trainer."  Coach Sedevie is very confident in the systems the Bobcats have been running.  I then went on to ask about adjustments having to be made, and the coach said if any adjustments needed to be made, "we will make them."

Bobcats Stun the Bruins

On Friday night, the Bismarck Bobcats were able to put together a full 60 minutes of solid hockey, as they routed the Austin Bruins 5-2. But on Saturday, they went into overtime after being down 3-0. In this article you will hear what it feels like to beat number one. 
In part one with the Bobcats general manager and head coach Layne Sedevie, you will hear what jubilation sounds like.  Entered in a very excited Layne Sedevie who told us in my one-on-one session with the coach, "this was a big moment for our guys the way we responded after being down 3-0." The Bobcats began chipping away with only six minutes left, the goals began to come!  After they got two goals to make it 3-2, they weren't done there. The Bobcats were like a total animal in the wild! They began to pick up their intensity level, tying the game with only seconds remaining at 3-3. Then entered in last week's special guest on the Sheriff's Patrol, Joe Giordano.  He had one more fatal shot to deliver to the number one Bruins, which also happened to be the winning goal.  This comeback was special for Layne, who said it was "one of the best I have ever seen, even when I was a player for the Billings Bulls."  He also said of his coaching counterpart, "I don't think he was very happy, no one was happy in that building!"  
The biggest thing that Layne wants out of this upcoming weekend is, "we want to get healthy going in to the playoffs, because we have some guys who are injured."  More on the Bobcats' playoff opponents next week, when we sit down for part two with Layne and Garrett. This week is all about what it feels like to beat number one!
When Sedevie was asked if he thought his team could be five time champions of the Central Division, he said "I think so. We can play really good when we are healthy.  I don't see any reason why we can't be five time champions."

Roth Clearly In Playoff Mode

Bismarck, ND. On Wednesday morning, the Sheriff's Patrol sat down with number 27 Garrett Roth. The coach seemed a little on edge and who can blame him, with the Bismarck Bobcats holding a six point lead over Brookings?  No one. 
The first subject we covered with coach Roth was the way the Bobcats had played on March 9th.  "It was very physical," Roth stated. "Minot and Bismarck are 100 miles apart, so the rivalries are more intense, and you're going to have intensity."  Next I asked about the power play and he stated "early in the season, we weren't moving our feet, but now we are." We asked about teams taking liberty with number 19, and he stated "Adam is our leader, and we have 20 other guys that can stick up for one another!" Roth also said that "if teams are going to be running around, we want to make them pay with our power play." The biggest thing that the Bobcats are working on is "staying strong on their sticks."

Satisfied With Comeback And Looking Ahead

Bismarck, ND -- In this Sheriff's Patrol, you will hear from number 10 Nate Repensky.  Before coming to the Bobcats, Repensky played for his Duluth high school hockey team, the Greyhounds, where he was recruited by coach Roth and coach Sedevie.  We talked to the Duluth native about the Bobcats' recent trip to Brookings, South Dakota, where the Bobcats fell behind by three goals.  Immediately after that, coach Sedevie called a "T.O." and the Bobcats began chipping away, en route to a stunning 6-3 victory over the Blizzard.  The Blizzard come to Bismarck to wrap up the season series with the Cats this Friday, followed on Saturday by their in-state rivals, who held them off the scoreboard the last time they faced them in Minot. 
We asked Repensky what it would take to avoid the same thing from happening again?  He stated, "we need to get off to a quick start."  He also said that the Bobcats have been working on their power play.  When the Bobcats began scoring goals in Brookings, the Blizzard began to run around and take penalties, and towards the end of the game they began to play really dirty.  Repensky hopes that it doesn't carry over to Friday when the two teams renew their acquaintance in Bismarck.  Repensky also stated that the Bobcats would like to get off to a quick start so that the home crowd can get into the game early, so it makes it hard for the Blizzard to hear.  Repensky then said it doesn't matter who is in the net, "we still feel comfortable with either Nelly or Nies in the net."

Cats Happy with Three Out of Four from the Bruins


Bismarck, ND. After the Bismarck Bobcats took three out of four points from the number one Bruins, we sat down with assistant coach Roth to talk about the results from the past weekend, in which they lost 6-5 on Friday in a shootout but then rebounded in a big way, stunning the number one Bruins with a total dominating effort and a 5-2 win on Saturday.
We asked Garrett if he thought that sent a message to the Bruins?  He stated that they are a very confident group of guys.  "It doesn't matter where they are, Coach Chris Tok believes that they can win on any given night," Roth said.  Roth also stated of his goalie Aaron Nelson, "he is a very good competitor, and sometimes the emotions get the best of you, especially in big game." He also stated of his coaching partner, "Layne is our leader. I try and stay calm on the bench, because you do not need two coaches yelling at the referee.  Yelling doesn't get you anywhere." When asked about the Titan Machinery Dakota Cup, Roth said, "This would be the first time I have won it.  Bismarck has won it the past two years. But at the end of the day, I don't care who wins the Dakota Cup.  The only cup that I want to win is the Robertson Cup. The team that has that has the respect of everybody in the league."
Now moving on to number four, Levi Blom who is a native of Butte, MT. 
We asked Levi why he did not play for the former Butte Irish?  He said at the time that the Irish were there, he was a younger version of Levi. When asked what he thought about when he sees the Aberdeen Wings logo, he said he "thinks it's time to rock "n" roll!"
We asked number four if he would trade in his Bobcats uniform for a Butte Irish uniform, if they were still a team, and he stated, very bluntly, "No! Because the Bobcats are like family."

The Sheriff Interrogates the Doc


Good afternoon Bobcat nation! 
This story is about the Bobcats and their organization. This is the first story in a series called College Hockey Bobcat Style. The first player you will hear from is number 9, Mike Dockry from Burnsville, Minnesota. 
I sat down with Dockry to talk about his recent commitment to the United States Army. Mike began the interview by thanking all of his Bobcat coaches, including head coach Layne Sedevie and also assistant coach Roth. We learned that Mike has committed early in the season. We also learned that Doc has made a visit to the Army's college at West Point, where he will be playing hockey and serving his country at the same time. 
We asked Mike what he would be majoring in, and he stated engineering. After he is finished for the Knights, he will serve his country for a total of five years, before moving on to his next rotation. Mike also gave us the story of why he wears number 9.  The reason why he wears number 9 is because of Mike Modano from the Dallas Stars of the NHL. Mike leaves for West Point on July, 31, 2013.

A look inside the Bobcats front office

The Sheriff Patrol wanted to know how the Bismarck Bobcat organization is run. Off the frozen pond, we asked Lena, director of Bobcat ticket sales and sponsor relations, this question. Lena is a very busy young lady.  She is in charge of getting all the advertising sponsors for every game. Without Lena there wouldn't be any Bismarck Bobcat Hockey, and of course, Tom B.!

Lena also deals with ticket sales, and making sure everything is running smoothly. She can be found on game night by the will call area or in the front office. Lena states that she likes hearing fan's stories about their game night experience.

When Lena is not working with the Bismarck Bobcats, she enjoys family time and during warmer months, running. Lena likes sports and when the Bobcats came calling she jumped on board right away. Lena also states that the Bismarck Bobcat organization is a fun place to work and she wouldn't change anything about her job!

In closing, Lena would like to get the word out to all Bobcat fans that the front office is always there to help any customers who might have any questions.

Weekly Chat With The Cats


The first person you will hear from, and always number one in your heart, is number 27, Garrett Roth. We talked about everything, including Brookings and the Bobcats. We asked Garrett how the Bobcats put together a game plan for the boys to follow. Coach Roth said that they do all of their game planning through video. They break down all of Brookings' tendencies, and from there a game plan is formed. Coach Roth stated that they play Brookings five or six times, mainly in the month of January. If the Cats can come up with four points, Roth feels like they can create a little bit of separation between themselves and Brookings. As far as the altercation, coach Roth stated it was just boys being boys. He expects there to be no fallouts from the altercation. It will be extremely important to win, to get back at them for their altercations. Coach Roth said that they break down the Blizzard as a coaching staff, and they don't allow the boys to break them down on their own. This is so that the coaching staff and the boys can be on the same page, and hopefully catch Austin. Coach Roth wouldn't comment on why the coaching staff wouldn't put Bryan Nies in the net, but we found out later from the head coach and general manager why that was. Sedevie stated that it was due to a gut feeling. "We intend to give Bryan some more games down the road," Sedevie stated. That was while we were on the phone in a telephone interview that we had conducted on Wednesday afternoon. WARNING!  There will be a two part Sheriff Patrol next week! Here is a sneak peak of the first part.  You will hear what goes on in the Bobcats front office from a young lady named Lena. You will also hear about a press conference between coach Sedevie, coach Roth, and me from Brookings.


After we were done with coach Roth, we got to catch up with the quiet one, Sam Wolfe, who came to the Bobcats from the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders of the United States Hockey League (USHL). Wolfe stated, "I learned how to be a better defenseman during my time with the Riders." Wolfe was asked if Adam, the captain, told him anything about the North American Hockey League (NAHL). Adam said to the young man from Eagan MN, that "this league is good. Keep working on trying to be strong on your defensive game." Sam's favorite food is pizza, and his favorite music is rap. Wolfe's favorite movie is Training Day, but his favorite hockey movie has to do with the 1980 US Olympic team, it's called Miracle.

Behind the Microphone with Teeple

And now, let's meet the starting lineup that brings you Bobcat Hockey on the radio.  He comes from Cleveland Ohio, he is the guy who paints the picture, he is Paul Teeple.  When the Bobcats go on the road, he is the guy who comes into your home and brings all the excitement of  Bobcat Hockey.  He brings you every bone crushing hit.  Paul is not just a fan, he wears his emotions on his sleeves to bring us the game we all love. 

Paul grew up listening to hockey on the radio with his father Brian Teeple. He got his shot at the University of Ohio where he learned how to become an announcer. Teeple grew up listening to the Maple Leafs on the radio.  When the Cats are on the road, he becomes the producer and the director of what we hear on the radio. When asked what his favorite arena is to broadcast in he stated, Austin.  Most of the teams in the Central Division know that I'm coming with the Bobcats. The thing that bothers Teeple the most is when fans cheer due to a player's injury.  When fans cheer for that, it makes Paul upset, because when you are with the guys for awhile you get attached to them, and you feel for them when they are having a bad or good night on the ice, Teeple stated. 

Teeple began his career in the NAHL with the Mahoning Valley Phantoms.  After that, he came to the Bobcats, with the help of former Bobcats announcer Skip Berry.  He has been in the league for five years. He takes a little bit from every national hockey league announcer.  He listens to George Mathews with the Columbus Blue Jackets, and his favorite announcer with the NHL is Doc Emrick on NBC.

Bobcats Don't Dwell On The Past

On Wedensday morning, the Sheriff Patrol sat down with Layne Sedevie, Aaron Nelson, and Garrett Roth. Among the topics we covered for you to read about was how number 29 planned to erase the shutout from his memory bank.  Nelson stated "I thought I did my best, but the offense wasn't able to back me up on Saturday night." We also talked to 29 about his relationship with Bryan Nies, and not surprisingly, they get along really good. We asked Aaron if they sit next to each other on the bus. He stated "I like to sit next to him and talk about hockey." We also asked Nelly what it means to bang his stick on the ice. He said, "when I bang my stick on the ice, it's to tell my teammates that the other guy is coming out of the box, so they need to be careful." Aaron Nelson and Bryan Nies push each other in practice to try and make each other better. When asked about who he needs to watch out for in Aberdeen as far as shooters go, Nelson stated "Justin Parizek." "My teammates like when I play the puck. You have to watch out for the boards, because sometimes the puck can take a funny bounce on you" Nelson stated.  "I like to go out of my net during warm ups to get familiar with my surroundings."

Moving on to Layne Sedevie, the Head Coach and General Manager was not happy with his team's performance on Saturday. He stated, and I quote "this is not acceptable." When asked how he was going to fix it, Sedevie's plan was to put the line back together that was together while the Bobcats were winning four in a row. Sedevie also said, "I don't know why we broke the line combination up that was working for us. We will put the lines back together this weekend.  Hopefully, they still have chemistry with one another."  Sedevie stated regarding the home and home series, "we must have four points. The guys know that the Wings have been struggling, but that shouldn't  matter.  We need to take the crowd out of it." 
After the Head Coach spoke to the media, it was number 27's turn!  Roth stated of the Wings, "they are really struggling.  Ownership decided to move on from Pete Sauers. They have gained Garrett Strot in place of Pete Sauers as the interim head coach for the rest of the season."  Even though they only have eight wins on the season, Roth stated they are a dangerous team. They got a player from the Wenatchee Wild. 

Sedevie still has hope for fifth title


On wedensday morning the Sheriff Patrol had a chance to sit down with Bobcat's head coach and general manager
Layne Sedevie. In this article you will hear Sedevie's thoughts on several different topics. The first topic we covered with the head coach and general manager of the Bobcats was if he thought he needed to take away the  C (captain). Sedevie stated I can but I don't think thats necessary Sedevie stated he still supports his choice for captain. Hopefully Adam can deliver the message Sedevie stated. We did ask the head coach if anyone scares him in the central devision, and he said no one really scares me.
We just need to get our consistency back and start playing hockey the way we know we can. The Bobcats have had a tendency to give away two points, which doesn't make Sedevie very happy it's very frustrating. At this point Sedevie doesn't care where they get into playoffs. He just wants his Bobcats to be more consistent and put together a full 60 minutes. When asked if the goalies had anything to do with it, Sedevie stated Aaron Nelson and Bryan Nies are doing good. When asked what he tells the goalies when they let in a goal? Sedevie stated you better focus on the next puck . Sedevie did point to one area specifically  that he would like to improve and that area is in the defensive zone. 
The Bobcats only have one game this week. There should be no excuse we need to get our two points Sedevie stated. We can't worry about other teams that have a two game weekend, we just need to empty the tank Sedevie stated.

Puuurrrring with Garrett


We also had a chance to catch up with  number 27 and assistant coach Garrett Roth. In this article you will read about what goes thru assistant coaches mind after taking seven out of eight points and preparing for round two of the Dakota Cup, Bobcats vs Wings in Aberdeen. 
Roth stated we are very happy to have seven out of eight points. Now you will hear what the bobcats must do to claim four points on the road coach says, the Bobcats must do a good job on the power play and, must also play a good solid 60 minutes of hockey. When asked what he thought about being the hunter coach Roth  stated the mentality is the same regardless, you want to take each game and try to play a full 60 minutes. Four games in four days is really tough on the boys Roth stated but he went on to say the seven out eight weekend allowed the Bobcats to climb into a tie for second place.

Cats Tied for Second


Bismarck, ND -- On tuesday the Sheriff patrol had a chance to catch up with the defending Central Devision Champions. In this article you will hear how they felt after taking seven out of eight points over thanksgiving weekend also, on tap you will hear what two of the members of the Bismarck Bobcats do to keep them selfs focused over the holidays.
The first member of the Cats that we talked to was team captain and three year veteran, number 14 Adam Knochenmus. The first qeustion we asked the captian was are you happy with seven out of eight? he stated yes I am very happy with seven out of eight because we worked hard. The next question we post to the captian was why have you been having trouble with Minot, they are a good team the captian stated. We know we can beat them we just have to work harder. We also asked the Captian if he was happy with his teams first half of his third year was going? He stated yes the team has worked really hard. We also asked the captain what he does to stay sharp when he is not with his Bobcats, he stated I work out with my former high school team the Roseau Rams.
The next player you will hear from is Bismack native Aaron Nelson. Nelson is a former Century High graduate.
Nelson returns to his home town after playing one year with the Force, where it did not work out for Nelson. The first question we asked of the bismarck nd native, is what led you to rejoin the Cats? He stated it did not work out for me in fargo so I had a choice and, my choice was to return to my home town. Question number two we post the question to number 29. What goes thru your mind thru a shoot out, Nelson stated try to remain calm and relax. We asked Aaron what scares you the most about this weekends opponent the Aberdeen Wings? Nelson said their offense, they have really good shooters. We also asked Nelly what he does over the holidays to keep sharp? Nelly stated I work out with my former team the Century Patriots.

2012-13 Dakota Cup on Tap


Bobcats media, had a chance to catch up with assitant coach Garrett Roth. In this interview you will hear how coach Roth gets the Bobcats prepared for round one of the Dakota Cup.
Coach Roth stated of his former employer the rivalry is fun for the boys he also stated i'm excited for the boys.
The bobcats and Aberdeen will face off against each other 12 times. Going in to the battle North Dakota enters two time defending champions the Bobcats. The Bobcats have the upper hand but, this is a new year anything can happen. Coach Roth  stated about the Bobcats inconsistencies, if they put the work in consistency will follow.
The biggest disappointment, Coach Roth said, they have been playing  so hard but the record doesn't show it. They haven't been getting the results that the coaching staff thinks they deserve. When asked if they still the a shot at the drive for five Roth replied, We take it one day at a time we don't even try to think about winning the  title, if we do it can get in the way.

2011-12 Season In Review

Bismarck, ND – Even though our favorite team fell short of bringing home Robby (Robertson Cup) there are plenty of things that the Bobcats can hold their heads high about. For example, they have won four straight Central Division Titles and earned 92 points this year. Also, my coach of the year, Layne Sedevie and the way he put together this group of Bobcats is super.
I’d like to send a special thank you to the following people: Paul Teeple for never forgetting me while the team was in Frisco, Thom Brigl for being the best owner ever, Layne Sedevie for treating me like family and waiting with for Transit with me after the Coaches Show, Audrey Halverson for always including me in the team program every year, Super Talk 1270 for bringing all of the away games to me, the players for their media availability, and also the people at the rink for their cooperation with the elevator. Thom, I love you and you bring me great joy for the way each and every one of you treat me like family. There is no other hockey team in the world that I would rather work for and that is from the bottom of my heart. I will always be a Cat!

Cats Quest for the Robertson Cup

After dispatching the Bruins in four games and winning the series 3-1, the Bobcats look to climb hockey's ultimate mountain, winning the Robertson Cup. After laying claim to the fourth straight Central Division crown the Bobcats must play as one. Team unity will be key as the Bobcats look to GROWL at the rest of the teams in the NAHL. Powerplay, goal tending, and specialty teams are going to be factors, as well as staying out of the penalty box. This is something that every NAHL team dreams of. The Bobcats have been to Dr Pepper Arena before, back in 2004 when they came in at number two in the country behind the Texas Tornados, falling to Texas 5-1.

Here is an article on a few of the players to watch.

Players to Watch

#19 - Castan Sommer - All season long when the Bobcats have needed big goals Castan has been one of the deadly weapons for the Cats. Castan was recruited by the Holy Cross Crusaders, he will join the Crusaders next year.

#14 - Adam Knochenmus - Adam was acquired from the Alexandria Blizzard and he turned out to be one of the better players this season. He is a player with firepower and he can really strike fear into the other team's heart.

#17 - Tyler Richter - Tyler wants to bring his hometown of Bismarck the second Robertson Cup. Tyler has been one of the most improved Bobcats all season long.

#29 - Aaron Nelson - Aaron has stepped up his game in the playoff's this season, helping the Bobcats earn another shot at hockey's ultimate prize, the Robertson Cup. He has really filled the back-up role nicely.

Keys to Victory at Austin

The Sheriff's Keys to Victory
Key #1 - Good goal tending
Key #2 - Execute all aspects of the game
Key #3 - Very good puck control
Key #4 - Stay out of the penalty box 
Key #5 - Be aggressive but play within yourself 
Key #6 - Take away Austin's time, space, and ability to shoot the puck
Key #7 - When the Bobcats have power plays, capitalize right away
Key #8 - Make Austin make the mistakes
Key #9 - Give the Bobcats fans something to cheer about right away
Key #10 - Be ready to play all sixty minutes

Bobcats Sweep Home and Home

Bismarck, ND.  After a 5-2 win on Friday in Minot, the Bobcats were able to back up their Friday night effort on Saturday with  a complete 60 minute effort.  They earned their 40th win bringing their record to 40 and 9.  Here is the way the story went down.  The Bobcats scored early and often.  It all started in the first period on a goal by Francis DeAugustine.  The Bobcats continued to pour on the offense during a powerplay, doubling the lead, on a goal by Donald Olivieri.  Before Minot knew what had hit them, the score would be 4-0 in the second period, with goals by Adam Knochenmus and Patrick Moore.  Minot answered with their only goal of the night by Hans Drawbert.  Bismarck made the score 5-1 in the third period with a final goal by John Furgele on the powerplay.  The Bobcats host a pair of play-off teams nest weekend.  Friday they host the Aberdeen, Wings and Saturday they also host the Alexandria Blizards.  Face off will be at 7:15 p.m. both nights.

Bobcats Blow out Minot

Minot, ND

With the Bismarck Bobcats aiming for a Central Division regular season title, they clearly showed why they have been the dominant team in the Central all year long. The Bobcats blew past the Minotaurs 5-2 by hopping on them early and often in Friday night's game at the Maysa Arena. "Sommer" (#19) came early making Minot feel the heat with the first score of the night. From there the growl got louder when #21, Minot native and Bobcat Captain, Bryce Schmitt put his hometown in an 0-2 hole. Minot then cut the Bobcats' lead in half, making the score 2-1. The Bobcats quickly answered however, restoring their lead back to 2 at 3-1. The score was made 4-1 in the second period and a couple minutes later the Bobcats padded the lead 5-1. Minot came back with a goal of their own, but it was too little too late for the Minotauros. Tonight's game features two brothers going head to head, Buster from the Bobcats and Jake in the net for Minot. Face-off is at 7:15 at the VFW Sports Center where there will be no brotherly love tonight!

Coach of the Year

Sedevie named Coach of the Year by!

With the Bismarck Bobcats having an outstanding season, the credit goes to the man behind the bench. This former Bismarck High and  Billings goalie has the Bobcats threatening to win another National Championship. There were several things that went into Sedevie getting the award. The first credentials that looked at was quality of play on the ice as well as how well Sedevie deals with media. Credential number two; friendliness. We find Coach Sedevie to be a very friendly, family-oriented, genuine, knowledgeable, and classy coach!  Congratulations on the award and good luck with continuing success!!!

Bobcats earn win #32

Last night in Austin, MN the Bismarck Bobcats continued their attack on the rest of the Central Division by hammering the Bruins 6 to 1. Bismarck took control early and often not allowing Austin to get a sniff of life until it was too little too late. This has been a theme for the Cats all season long! Last night's game was just the beginning of a 3 day swing through Minnesota. The series with Austin wraps up tonight, before the Bobcats move on Alexandria on Sunday. The Bobcats are now fighting for the best record in the entire NAHL!

Sweet #16

It was game number five of the Dakota Cup with the Bobcats having a commanding 9-1 lead in the cup race.  The cats got on the board early with a goal by number four, John Furgele.  Furgele separated his shoulder on the play in which he scored the goal on a really dirty play by the Wings and will possibly be out till Christmas.  The Bobcats weren't done scoring there.  They would double their lead to 2-0 on a goal by Filip Starzynski.  Aberdeen however, would score three straight goals to take the lead 3-2.  But the lead was short lived and Daniel Zawacki would get the equalizer tying the game at three.  Adam Knochenmus would then give the Bobcats a lead they would never relinquish.  The Wings would make it interesting scoring one more goal on the night to make it a 5-4 game but the Bobcats would get the icing on the cake with an empty net goal.  The final score was Bismarck 6, Aberdeen 4.  The Bobcats will look for win number seventeen on a Saturday night in A-town (Alexandria).  If you would like to watch the game, you can go to The Pitch where you can cheer on the Bobcats on their quest for the Robertson Cup and win number seventeen.

Veterans Overcome Youth

On Friday night at the VFW sports center it was the Highway 83 rivalry.  The 14-4 Bismarck Bobcats against the expansion Minot Toros.  It would be the boys from the magic city getting on the board early with an early goal that surprised number thirty-one Tommy Burke.  Minot got on the board early at 3:19 in the first period with a goal by Kelvin Walz.  It would remain 1-0 though two periods, but in the third the Bobcats would score five straight goals to blow away the Minot Toros by a count of 5-1.  Tonight the border battle continues to see who the best team in the Dakotas is when the Bobcats look to barbecue the Wings.  You can listen to the best announcer in the NAHL, Paul Teeple, as he brings you all the barbecuing.  The pre-game show begins at 6:45 on the radio home of the 15-4 Bismarck Bobcats, Supertalk 1270.

Bobcats Remain Hot

Dawson Creek, British Columbia

The Bismarck Bobcats scored early on a goal by Castan Sommer on the powerplay at 11:53 in the first period. This gave the Bobcats an early 1:0 lead; only to be answered by a Kelyn Opel goal. The Rage tied the game at 0:50. That was the first of two Opal goals in the second period. The Rage then took a brief lead at 10:14 in the second period, but the Bobcats wouldn't be denied on this night.

Tying the game at 2 was a goal by newcomer Adam Knochenmus, newly acquired from the Alexandria Blizzard. The Bobcats gained their momentum from the Knochenmus goal and carried the momentum for the rest of Friday night with an offensive explosion. Final score: Bobcats 5, Dawson Creek 2.

With the win, the Bobcats improved to an early season record of 7 wins and 2 losses. The Bobcats have yet to play an overtime game in this new season.

You can hear game 2 of the Dawson Creek series beginning tonight by listening to the radio voice of the Bobcats, Paul Teeple, starting at 8:30 CT on the radio home of the Bobcats 1270AM.